Dungeons and Dragons Online activates its Halloween event a tad early


You know how some people liven up the summer months by throwing a Christmas in July? Well, Dungeons and Dragons Online is doing something sort of similar, but instead of Christmas, it’s trotted out its Halloween event — either as a reprise or a preview, take your pick.

This “Spooky Summer Event” will run the Night Revels holiday through July 11th and include some extra rewards. Participants can earn twice the normal rewards from associated dungeons and get double mysterious remnants.

As a heads-up, make sure to use any ingredients you have accumulated before this event ends, as SSG said that it’s going to expire them before the festival returns for a proper Halloween run this fall.

If you need a good overview and guide to Night Revels, DDO Wiki has you covered.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks Matthew!

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Jason Clearwater

This version of the event also features Devilish Monster Champions.


And just to further confuse things, if you’re a cleric then it’s like Christmas has come early.