The Elder Scrolls Online improves companions and fixes quest issues with its latest patch

hurr da burr

Companions in The Elder Scrolls Online aren’t perfect yet, but the latest patch for the game shows that the developers are working on making them better. For example, these NPCs have learned to be a little more resilient and will no longer loudly mourn the demise of other players in your group, focusing instead on the death of the player who summoned them. They’re also going to be a bit more recalcitrant and less prone to running ahead of the character when their summoner stops moving. You know, things like that.

Aside from a variety of fixes for companions, the patch also fixes a number of nagging quest issues. For example, you will no longer run into a problem in The Ghost of Giovesse wherein you cannot interact with Yisara despite needing to speak with her. The funniest one, of course, is that Captain Rian Liore will no longer ask to speak with you and then act offended at your approach in the A Deadly Secret quest. Check out the full rundown to get a clearer picture of all the changes being made.


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Mike Hunt

Now if only they’d fix PvP. Oh wait, that was last year and they didn’t do squat.

Castagere Shaikura

You can’t fix MMO PVP. Every MMO with PVP since the first gen. era Has been trying and failing to fix MMO PVP. The only way to fix it is to make MMO’s that only have PVP. No PVE at all. These two systems just don’t work together.

Mike Hunt

A few things here;

1) I can tell you don’t play the game.
2) Performance has dropped in Cyrodiil because they swapped out to cheap ass servers back in 2016.
3) Plenty of MMOs have PvE and PvP mixed together in harmony and work fine.
4) Get out of here with the “first gen” crap. I could care less what your opinion is.