Swords of Legends Online’s name reservation dissolves into chaos


On Friday, Swords of Legends Online opened the doors to its name reservations. And just like Jurassic Park’s initial tour, this event dissolved into frustration, chaos, and a T. Rex biting heads clean off.

The chief problem was that some players couldn’t get into the game due to an “invalid authentication ticket” bug, allowing others to run ahead of them and grab names. SOLO activated a firewall to stem the tide but ultimately decided that it would not be wiping the servers of names already reserved.

“You are right to be disappointed, so are we,” the studio said. “The whole undertaking obviously went off the rails in an unfortunate manner and we now have to step up and learn from the data we’ve collected today.”

This fiasco is threatening to overshadow an AMA that the dev team is planning to run very, very early in the morning on July 5th. You’ll want to bookmark this Reddit thread to read when you wake up and drink your happy juice.

Source: Twitter, Reddit
Gameforge has objected to our characterization of the situation as chaos on the grounds that the bug itself lasted only an hour and a half and was resolved to Gameforge’s satisfaction.
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