The Daily Grind: Which MMOs don’t love you back?


If you can excuse an abstract exercise in anthropomorphism, this morning I’d like to talk about how MMOs treat us. While these are games that aren’t (to our knowledge) conscious of our actual existence, we do establish relationships with MMOs. We have feelings about these games, and we attribute feelings to them in turn based on how they treat us.

So games that love us are ones that appear to respond well to our enthusiasm, support, and fandom. These are the games (and studios) that give us a lot of communication, make much-requested quality-of-life improvements, and generally rise to meet the standard that we expect from them.

And then there are the MMOs that we love, we rave about, we pour countless hours into… and that clearly don’t love us back. They’re the titles that almost never put out updates, don’t engage with the playerbase, and don’t seem to understand what the community actually wants.

Which MMOs do you love… but don’t love you back?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Eve Online, with the uncrossable divide between the haves and have-nots. Early with those lucky enough to get a got T2 BP and essentially a money printing machine via crafting. Later the ones who got rich before and their alliances snatching up the most profitable moons for their ‘goo’.

Normal players have no chance of ever catching up. While being miners, haulers or PVE mission players had to do with meager rewards and harassed by gankers.

Suicide ganking became more and more common and being victim of such a gank could wipe out weeks of grinding. In the end I decided that the playerbase is too toxic and the devs have their heads too deep in their own re….


BDO. When PA built that terrible equipment progression system they were telling me that it’s not for me right from inception but I feel in love with her looks, those curves, and the way she swings when things get hot and…..what was I talking about again.


Ultima online. I never played when it first came out but it seemed to have such a huge following and created an entire gaming culture.. I mean there’s even an entire genre of anime who’s authors all draw from UO.

I got to 7 x GM and just wasn’t motivated to do anything else. I think I’ll give it another shot, it seems like a game that you can’t really enjoy too much solo.

Axetwin .

GW2 easily. I can’t seem to actually quit this game. I don’t like this game, and yet I keep coming back to it. I’ve been doing the return to the LW stuff, and my first time through, I hated season 3. I thought maybe this time would be different, I’m on different character but nope. This is still mostly BS encounters and bosses with deceptively large AOEs. Boss does it’s AOE attack, I get behind it and the game goes “eh, close enough, take 19k damage with a 6 second knockdown”. Every time I quit this game, I swear it’s the last time. But a few months pass and I come crawling back thinking this time things will be different.


Secret World – Just constant abuse and telling me to ‘get gud, scrub’

BDO – Beautiful to look at, but only interested in my bank statement

GW2 – We just… never clicked. Always seemed fun at start, but just never held my attention for very long. Always seemed more interested in events I wasn’t part of, and uninterested in what I might be doing.

Star Wars:
– Galaxies – Just too complex, the nerdy one who thought I was too dumb for ’em
– Old Republic – Too ‘hip’ and cool, while just copying someone else’s notes. Got tired of the poser attitude REAL fast.

That should do me… until I think of more.

Malcolm Swoboda

Rift and Secret World. SIGH.

The affair is over and I’m okay with just doing other MMOs now, even crappy mobile ones, over these two. :(

Breezy Peace

Oh BDO by a long shot
Put too much time into the game and the concept is fun.
Devs could care less about their players and are very out of touch

Lily Cheng

I’m genuinely curious why you believe the devs could care less of their players or are out of touch? As someone who reads their patch notes and numerous events which detail why they are changing things or working on such and such new content, what exactly are they doing that’s going wrong?

Or did you actually mean to say that they don’t care about the way you play and are out of touch with you specifically?

Breezy Peace

As someone who has played this game for over 3 years now, and used to be a champion for the game, they don’t. They want money.

Most of the stuff that has been actually asked for is not being done, just the new shiny OOO if you see this you will forget woes and stay in the game.

There have been complaints of abuse of speed hacks, pvp being overtly abused, harassment, class imbalance, the game being SO stagnant for so long, THE SHIPS etc- use google for more!

And nothing is really being done about it. People have proof of the speed hacks, and harassment and send it in with suggestions on how to fix it and nope. People are being told they need to deal with it on the player level but not giving us the tools to do so. They seem to be ignoring a lot of the other requests too
I get they are lower in population they won’t ( why they have given the game away for free so often.) Even though people are leaving because of these issues. Sure some come back but then they go ” oh this sucks” and leave back to other games.

If you want to be nitpicky one could also bring up each outfit costing 30 bucks a pop or more, there is no way to get dye now other than irl money, if you aren’t paying at least 30 bucks a month ( or grinding like crazy and even then good luck getting packs ) you’re kinda fucked over if you want to make decent money in the game, ect. Ect. Money sink. You could argue to just not play the game hence nitpicky.

I freaking loved this game for so long and it has some very cool dynamics and the fighting is really fun. I like there is a limit on the MP. It’s super pretty. I used to defend it all the time. But I don’t anymore. I just grumble and deal because nothing is going to change.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Every single MMO ever? I have played dozens upon dozens, with a handful as my main games over the years. Not a single failed to disappoint with things over a time.

Does not check email

Secret World. Just gonna leave it there.

BDO, fell in love with a concept but the game was one of the worst communities and online mmo experiences.

Amazon’s New World – not sure how that game is going live.


Rift post-F2P. WoW post-Legion. GW2. SWTOR. BDO. Pretty much most MMOs save FFXIV, Warframe, OSRS, and maybe ESO.