Iron Harvest lore interview sheds light on Usonian history


A new interview at VentureBeat delves into the lore of multiplayer RTS Iron Harvest 1920. In the interview, game designer Elliott Verbiest talks about the history of Usonia, the America-inspired faction added in the recently released Operation Eagle expansion.

Like much of Iron Harvest‘s lore, it parallels real world history closely, but with some fascinating deviations. For instance, much like the real United States, Usonia fought a devastating civil war, but in this reality it was fought between the eastern and western states over the treatment of indigenous peoples.

Interestingly, Verbiest dances around the issue of which Europan nation(s) were responsible for the colonization of Usonia, hinting at another possible divergence from our history and perhaps a future plot twist. The interview is worth checking out if you’re a fan of Iron Harvest or simply have an interest in alternate history scenarios.

Our very own Not So Massively column has covered Iron Harvest at length with particular praise for Operation Eagle.

Source: VentureBeat

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Give me the Iron Harvest mmorpg already. Or Frostpunk. Or Rise of Legends for that matter.

The current steampunk lip service provided by the big 5 just annoys me.