Mortal Online 2 adds new enemies and improved PvE AI behaviors in newest patch


If the preview video from Mortal Online 2 got you excited at the prospect of being smashed by a giant troll, your moment of thrills is now here as patch has introduced what are being called “tier 2 encounters,” which will require player groups to take down.

In addition to the troll, the patch has also added “a crazed alchemist with a love for archery and a recluse necromancer” for a little added spiciness, along with the vaunted new enemy AI behaviors, which will now see foes utilize group tacitcs and heal themselves as well as just being overall smarter. The game’s combat has also seen a bit of tweaking, like an increased swing and block delay from missing a swing, a melee damage reduction buff when a counter swing is performed, and a delay to starting a new block or swing if an object is hit.

The update has also added a new dungeon to the game, introduced tattoos that can be applied during character creation, and a host of improvements and fixes. All of the specific details can be found in the patch notes.

sources: press release, official site

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does MO2 include any magic usage? or is it all just physical, beside the mental damage i’ll get from getting ganked over and over?

with no magic included i hope there’s still some supporting possibilities

Robert Mann

Most such games have a healing system as well in some way, although you’ll use things like bandages, herbs, and so on.

As for the ganking… yeah. I would recommend a stress vent alternative when needed if you wish to play any of these titles. Sometimes things involved are really fun, but that open PvP ends up being there when you least want it all too often.