TitanReach answers questions about development, items, and future content


The devs of the indie MMO TitanReach decided that it was time to pluck a few player questions and provide some answers to those questions, which cover a pretty wide arrangement of specifically selected topics.

A number of the early questions are related to how developer Square Root Studios builds the game, from software tools used to ambient sound use to how 3-D artists move from concept to creation. There were some gameplay-related answers as well, including word that items will be a mixture of bind on equip and bind on pickup, which further means that many items can be traded. As for trading items, there won’t be any auction house, with trading handled by player-to-player trading and customizable player-owned trading stalls.

Other answers of note include plans to have solo-friendly and group-focused PvE endgame content; confirmation that the game will have a transmog system; acknowledgment that resource nodes won’t be too close to banks or crafting stations; and a small list of future content additions like dungeons and bosses, achievements, minigames, various quests, Tavern Games, some skill touch ups, and the addition of Slayer and Arcana skills. The Q&A isn’t perhaps quite as robust as the game’s more recent Reddit post, but there are still a few answer to be gleaned here.


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It looks like a slightly better looking Runescape, and that is okay but if i were to sink my teeth into such a game i am hard pressed to think of a reason to pick this over Runescape, considering this one has a long road ahead of itself and the other is completely fleshed out.