Wild Terra 2 developers outline plans for the new continent, healing, and horses

Wild horses can, in fact, drag you away.

Development on Wild Terra 2 is ongoing, but where are the development resources going at the moment? The team behind the game is glad you asked, because that’s literally the focus of the latest dispatch explaining the current state of development. On the top of the list is a whole new continent for players to explore, which apparently includes new mechanics along with new regions to explore and gameplay to experience, all of which should be fun for veterans and newer players alike.

The game’s developers are also working on adding new tameable creatures, including horses which you can tame and use as mounts automatically. There’s also work being done on making sure that healing is something to work definitively as a combat profession, with unique tools to deploy when in the heat of battle. Check out the full rundown for a preview of what’s currently being worked on as the game’s testing rolls onward.

Source: Steam

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