Chimeraland is an open-world cross-platform MMO with a focus on taming critters


Chimeraland is a relatively new MMO on the scene that’s looking to bring a unique-looking PC and mobile game to market.┬áThe game is inspired by an ancient Chinese epic called The Classic of Mountains and Seas and will be feature a massive world in which players can build homesteads, tame creatures, and even play as a bird-person if that fluffs your feathers. The plans are to have it launch as a cross-platform MMO between PC, Android, and iOS.

Chimeraland is preparing to go into a small closed beta testing from July 20th through August 4th on mobile, although you’ll have to reside in Canada or the Philippines to partake.

The official Facebook account explains the meaning behind this game’s name, “Do you know why this world is called Chimeraland? It is because everyone can customize their pets through the devouring system. But devouring is also risky, and I don’t asure safety and efficacy.”

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