Elite Dangerous applies fixes related to missions, commodities, and faction influence in new patch

Yum yum rocks.

It’s not a big honkin’ patch like the game has previously gotten, but the fact that Elite: Dangerous has released a little server-side patch to address a few matters is probably nice to see. Unless you’re the sort of person who is unconscionably bitter at the whole Odyssey launch to the point that no comfort can be found, in which case I hope you find some spaceship gaming joy somewhere.

Back to the story: This latest patch has made several fixes to missions, like restoration missions no longer being impossible to complete when putting out fires, data theft mission objectives and salvage mission objectives showing up on the HUD, and missions involving clearing out settlement occupants correctly registering progress.

The patch has also allowed commodities that are temporarily illegal because of an active Faction State to be sold to stations that need them for repairs, applied a balance pass to faction influence effects from repeatedly winning and losing various scenarios at Installations and Megaships, and improved the Mercenary rank progression speed. If any of these issues has been plaguing your game of Elite, perhaps this patch has knocked down those walls.


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I’d love to see their active player numbers.
I wonder how many, like me, have ED on their “yeah I’ll go back to that when the space-urge strikes” but who are basically writing it off until there’s some sign their have their shit reasonably together?


Steamcharts has them below pre-Odyssey numbers already; whilst you can expect some players were only holding on to see if they liked the new content, you’d expect there still to be an increase from those coming back to try it alone. You can see said leap on launch date, but the disasterous launch has not only lost all those gains in a month and a half, but some of the prior players too.

Apparently though, expecting developers who paused actual Elite development for years to get this expansion out, and then releasing a broken, bare bones game that didn’t even have oclusion filtering so it was overheating even top end systems is “bitterness”. How very dare you expect professionalism, or even fun!

Now if they can turn it around like HelloGames did with No Man’s Sky and people still hold a grudge, that might be a somewhat more reasonable criticism of gamer opinion. But here and now? Odyssey is still in a shocking state, and some vitriol is an accurate perspective to hold. And then again, HG also didn’t charge you anything for putting the work in, not one microtransaction at any stage. Over in Elite? Plenty of new ground suits for real money though. And many of those are broken too. As are the ship skins. Odyssey is still bobbins.

I’ll be amazed if they can get it onto last gen consoles if they still are trying to paste over the cracks in the PC version post launch. It’s going to be Cyberpunk 3077; Hold off on those pre-orders, console comrades.