Guild Wars 2 offers Rising Flames for free, previews next week’s legendary armory launch


Guild Wars 2 fans are still reeling from the revelation that End of Dragons has been delayed into next year and that Colin Johanson is back at the creative helm, but ArenaNet isn’t stopping its summer rollout. Today, for example, season three episode two is back for a retour, as players can pick up Rising Flames for free if they haven’t already got it, then play through the new achievements too.

But veterans will want to scope out the game’s latest dev blog, which heralds the arrival of the legendary armory next week on July 13th. “Your entire roster of impeccably dressed level 80 characters will have free and easy access to your unlocked legendary weapons, armor, back items, trinkets, runes, and sigils—without suffering the indignity of having to dig through your bank for them,” the studio vows.

ArenaNet explains that when the patch launches, all account-bound legendary gear on your account will convert to the legendary armory, for free, while unbound legendaries will still stay unbound in your inventory. Once your stuff is imported, all your eligible toons can use it.

“Each piece of equipment in your Legendary Armory is treated as a unique item, just as it would be in your inventory. If you want to customize an equipment template by equipping the legendary sword Bolt in two weapon slots, you’ll need to obtain and bind two copies of Bolt. The maximum number of copies of an item your Legendary Armory can hold is determined by how many equipment slots it can occupy. This limit exists so you don’t have to worry about accidentally unlocking more copies of a specific legendary than you can equip. Since no character can ever equip more than four swords at once, your Legendary Armory will hold a maximum of four copies of Bolt, and a maximum of four copies of The Shining Blade. An equipment template only has space for two staves, so your Legendary Armory will hold a maximum of two copies of Bifrost and two copies of Nevermore.”

Oh yeah, and for the tiny handful of you who have multiple copies of the same legendary? ArenaNet plans to work with you to resolve the issue of your infinite riches.

The team is also tweaking a few other legendary-related mechanics; it’s removing the need for tmute charges on legendaries, adding visual effects toggles for some legendary trinkets, making it easier to swap gear and build templates, and even spiffing up the legendary unlock process: “Binding a legendary to your account will offer a little more fanfare—and some hints about your item’s nature, origin, or previous owners.”


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