Nintendo unveils the Switch OLED model, which is definitely not a ‘Pro’ model

But bigger!

Good news, Nintendo Switch fans; the rumors about a Switch Pro model turn out to have been sort of true! But also bad news, Nintendo Switch fans, because those rumors led everyone to expect something very different than what the Switch OLED model is offering. The new model definitely offers a bigger screen, a better stand for setting it up in portable mode, better speakers, and more base onboard storage… but that’s about it.

Yes, all of the improvements to the console mostly come down to making it better as a portable device, with the display still at 720p on its built-in screen or 1080p when connected to the dock. If you were hoping that this would be a turbo-charged version of the same console, you will have to learn to live with disappointment. Of course, considering that the Switch has a substantial library of good games, including ports of several titles such as Skyforge and Warframe, this may not be a terrible thing if you haven’t yet bought one.

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