Starbase continues working on its Easy Build mode and improves explosions

It's not bae any more.

So what’s going down on the development side of Starbase? Well, you know. Shooting at ships with a sniper rifle, making parts explode, that sort of thing. No, really; the latest notes for development include working on particle effects and electrical effects, and that includes explosions roiling off of ships that have been damaged. You can even see it in action in the video down below, if you can stomach the sickening groan of metal each time part of the ship explodes.

Other progress has been made beyond just art, however; the developers are continuing to work on the Easy Build mode in various capacities, including for moon base construction while improving how it works for stations. This is a good thing for players who are perhaps expecting to need the help. Check out the full rundown on the latest week’s development activity for a more rounded picture.

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