The Sabotage is a multiplayer co-op title where one person tries to stop other players from digging up gold


It’s time for another deceive-em-up game to hit the collective radar! Allow us to take a moment to nod in the general direction of The Sabotage, a multiplayer co-op title that sees players take up two roles: diggers who are exploring and excavating a mine to find gold, and one saboteur whose job is to stop the others from finding the loot by any means necessary.

Gameplay sessions are timed, meaning saboteurs who at least successfully stall the rest of the team from finding the riches win. Players on both sides will have access to tools like dynamite, headlamps, pickaxes, and batteries, with dynamite being useful for collapsing tunnel fragments and rendering them irreparable. The Sabotage currently has no release date yet, but those who are curious can wishlist the game on Steam or check out the gameplay trailer below.

sources: press release, Steam

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