Can you sell your Ashes of Creation account? Intrepid says ‘no.’


This may come as less-than-glorious news for Ashes of Creation supporters: Intrepid Studios has lowered the boom against the sale or transfer of accounts between players.

Previously, Intrepid was ambiguous on the subject because of the difficulty of enforcing such a ban, but it looks like now the studio is ready to take action against handing off accounts. This is against the terms of service and may end up triggering a full ban.

“Transferring of accounts and other forms of player RMTs diminish the accomplishments of others, and destabilizes the intended experience of the game for our players,” the studio posted. “Any account found to have been sold, shared, or accessed by a person other than the account creator may result in permanent closure of the account. This may also be applied retroactively against accounts that have been found in the past to have violated this policy.”

Ashes of Creation’s Alpha One test is slated to run this month.

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