Lost Ark outlines its five base classes, says more will come after launch


Are you ready to play some Lost Ark? Whoa, whoa there, champ — it’s not out quite yet. We appreciate your enthusiasm and wild-eyed stares around the room for a beta, though. Good to see such energy. At least you can occupy your mind with a mental exercise of pre-choosing a playable class for when you do get your hands on this MMOARPG.

Lost Ark published a quick-and-dirty blog post outlining the five core classes of the game. Initially, these will be the only classes you’ll have access to at the start of your journey, but as you level up, you’ll branch out into more specialized advanced classes.

The five base classes are the Warrior (which branches out into the Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer), the Martial Artist (which transforms into a Wardancer, Scrapper, or Soulfist), the Mage (which can become a Bard or Summoner), the Gunner (which gets the Gunslinger, Artillerist, Deadeye, and Sharpshooter), and the Assassin (which graduates into a Shadowhunter or Deathblade).

So why only five? Amazon and Smilegate explain the class shortfall here: “Existing Lost Ark fans will know that in addition to the classes we have listed there are currently more classes available in other regions. In time, these other classes will also be released into the western version of Lost Ark. Due to balance issues, upcoming changes to these classes, and localization requirements, the decision was made to not include them in our version at launch but to add them post-launch.”

Source: Lost Ark

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I had a whole lot more fun with LA than I expected to. Definitely gonna take up residence there for at least a season or two when it launches.

Vanquesse V

We kinda suspected this, as all the classes left out from the alpha were classes that we know are getting a rework soon, or classes with balance issues attached.
Focusing on the base classes is kinda weird though as you only play as the base class through a optional prologue before picking your specialization. If you want you can skip straight from character creation to being level 10 and picking your “real” class.

What’s much more interesting is if the western version will launch with the rework of T1+T2 endgame that rolled out in KR today as it not only gets rid of some counter-intuitive parts of progression, but also has some addition ripple effect changes if you can’t continue on to T3.

Firstly, the changes massively reduces the need to play alts to keep up with content roll-outs and secondly it makes the optional gear upgrades beyond what you need to go to the next tier not only much more expensive, but also much less potent. This means that if we only have access to T1 content then the potential benefit of p2w is reduced to a third