New World previews its 20v20 PvPvE battleground, Outpost Rush


Ahead of the beta later this month, Amazon has posted a new video on New World’s PvP – specifically, on Outpost Rush. This mode is essentially a 20v20 PvPvE battleground, though you can join it solo or in small groups.

“Teams must coordinate and balance their time upgrading outposts, gathering resources, capturing objectives, and defeating enemies,” Amazon says. “Outposts can be upgraded, defended, and used as forward operating bases to drive the enemy back.” Players can then create everything from respawn points to pots of boiling oil to drop on unsuspecting invaders, then summon and take on PvE baddies to strenthen their side with buffs. The map also offers multiple win conditions, so just having superior firepower won’t be the only way to victory.

Check out the entire walkthrough video below.

Source: YouTube
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