Warframe releases its Sisters of Parvos update on all platforms


Warframe promised that the update was coming and sure enough it has. Yesterday marked the official release of the co-op shooter’s Sisters of Parvos update, bringing plenty of new goodies to players on all platforms at the same time. Hurray for update parity!

In case you missed it, the Sisters of Parvos update features the player-designed Yareli, a ‘frame with the ability to manipulate water and ice. Yareli is said to be the game’s most accessible character choice yet, with players able to acquire her by completing Vox Solaris.

The update has also introduced the menacing Sisters of Parvos of the update’s title who wield high-tech Corpus technology, along with a new Corpus Lich system, improvements to the Kuva Lich system, a balancing of melee weapons and a rework of the Parazon tool, and a variety of new customization rewards among other things. The update announcement also offers a nod to the upcoming TennoCon, which promises plenty of game reveals. For now, there’s a waterbending ‘frame to collect.

source: press release

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