Dauntless introduces Omnicells, the Heroic Escalation, and new battle pass in today’s Heroes of Ostia update


Today marks the official launch of the latest Dauntless update, which is bringing with it a couple of new tools to let Slayers customize their playstyle thanks to the use of a new craftable item.

The main feature of the Heroes of Ostia update is the addition of Omnicells, which are crafted items that allow players to choose a preferred playstyle; readers will recall these were highlighted in a recent roadmap update. The new patch also adds the Galvanized Cell, which increases critical strike chance the more shields a character has on them.

As for content, there’s the new Heroic Escalation, a weekly challenge that promises keystone Behemoths with new moves and rewards players with elemental crowns and more; a new quest that sees players investigating an old threat; and some new item rumors to chase. In terms of new goodies to run after, the game has refreshed the reward cache with a new set of items and released a new Wild Thunder hunt pass, while the patch notes outline other overall changes like improved attack speeds for all weapons, the removal of Past and Future talent trees, and some notable adjustments to the way the Danger Meter works in Hunting Grounds in an effort to make the mechanic less punishing.

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