Elyon expands its gear system, fights RMT with new market mechanics


Where would an MMORPG be without a gear system? Lost. Alone. Frightened. Clinging to the side of an iceberg of indifference, adrift in the vast sea of purposelessness. Or it’d totally be OK, because games don’t always have to conform to the standard. But in the case of Elyon, it most definitely has gear — and it wants you to know how such a fiendishly complex setup works.

In a new dev blog, the Kakao and Bluehole highlighted a few aspects of this system that you’ll want to be aware of, such as the equipment succession system. This basically “graduates” epic gear to legendary status, allowing you to keep the good stuff well into the future.

Other types of gear include the Knight’s Equipment gear grade, which will be a predecessor to epic and legendary, transcendent runestones, and proc-based rune scrolls.

Elyon’s next beta test is scheduled for mid-August. When it arrives, testers will encounter a new market system that is specifically designed, according to Kakao, to combat RMT. “There will now be a min/max listing price as well as a default price for each item. These values will adjust at intervals and depending on the transaction history of the items,” the company explained.

Source: Elyon
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