Final Fantasy XI launches a new website for its upcoming 20-year anniversary


It’s not long now before Final Fantasy XI manages to hit its 20th anniversary. Sure, it’s going to be a little while longer, but it’s less than a year away. And to celebrate, the game has received a new special site entitled We Are Vana’diel. The bad news is that this particular site is (currently) all in Japanese, so you may need to rely on some translation or just clicking around and hoping for something interesting to happen along the way.

The good news? Well, the site contains a comprehensive timeline of major events for the game through the years, a large number of illustrations from artist Yoshitaka Amano, and an opening message from producer Akhiko Matsui promising more content and stories about the game as the 20th anniversary draws closer. It’s unclear at the moment whether the site will be translated or not, but check it out now if at the very least you’d like to see some lovely artwork from the game’s history.

Source: We Are Vana’diel. Cheers, AsuranKnight!

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This so so cool. I love the timeline following every year of the game especially. It’s so great to see official documentation and commentary on when things were implemented and how they felt about adding them.


Well, for some reason the English link was deleted when I posted it 3 minutes ago.
Here it is once again.