Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis continues its ninth anniversary with weekly events and contests


Did you think the initial anniversary goings-on in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis were all that’s happening? You’d be wrong, friend, because Sega has put out a special event website that has details on additional celebration events and contests.

The prime attraction is a set of weekly challenges that task players with completing anniversary quests or defeating monsters in certain areas, with points being tallied for each completed task that are added to a global pool. Players will get rewards for meeting point total milestones, with the first being a boost to N-Mesata earnings.

In addition to the weekly challenge events, there are daily login goodies to collect, a number of contests where players can submit their designs for stamps and accessories or share screenshots based on a theme. There will also be a story clear campaign happening on July 21st and a pair of ARKS Investigative Report event happening at a later date. The event’s landing page has all of the dates, times, and details.


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