Sea of Thieves makes several updates to A Pirate’s Life as the Flags of Friendship event is nearly ending


Have you been enjoying your time adventuring with the Pirates of the Caribbean crew in Sea of Thieves? Perhaps your experience will be a little more improved by the game’s most recent patch, which primarily focuses on fixes and adjustments to the latest Tall Tale.

These fixes range from smaller things like other crewmembers seeing the Cursed Captain’s skull animate when he’s talking or fixing matters with the Silver Blade battle, to larger fixes like players no longer being stuck on certain quest steps, the end of selling Ghostly Resource Crates for loot, or a stop to players being able to break through invisible walls to unintended parts of an encounter’s map. The patch notes provide all of the salient details pirates could want.

In other Sea of Thieves news, Rare would like to remind you that the Flags of Friendship event is ending in a week, so players who are pirating together for fun, profit, and cosmetics will only have a few days left to get their goodies.

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