World of Warcraft deploys hotfixes and plans for improving the zone bonuses of Shards of Domination

Oh, hey there.

Hotfixes! Do you like them? They’ve arrived in World of Warcraft for patch 9.1. They’re hot and they’re fixing things. For example, your packaged soul ash is now bound to your account rather than your WoW account. Defeating bosses on level five will now appropriately count for the Touring Torghast achievement. Fleshwing will no longer become stuck in the sky! You get the idea. It’s a whole lot of hotfixes; that’s a good thing.

Of course, there are more changes planned for later, with the most notable one being planned changes for how Shards of Domination work. Essentially, upgrading shards will provide greater boosts over time, with the bonus granted by a full set increasing notably as you improve the shards. This change hasn’t been made yet, but now you can plan your upgrades appropriately knowing that the power increase will be there in the future.

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