Apex Legends kicks off its Thrillseekers event starting on July 13


Looking for a few thrills in Apex Legends above and beyond the normal thrills of dodging bullets and returning fire? The upcoming Thrillseekers event might be perfect for you, with the inclusion of a brand-new area map (Overflow) featuring distinct lanes and a whole lot of molten rock for players to deal with. It’s dangerous to walk around too casually in the map, which of course will probably help with the whole thrillseeking aspect of the event, yes?

Of course, there’s more to an event than just having a new map, and there’s plenty more being added during the event duration from July 13th until August 3rd. There are three weekly reward tracks to move along, new cosmetics to unlock, new achievements to hunt, and plenty of opportunities for new stuff along the way. Check out the full rundown or just watch the video down below if you’re just eager to see some of the new rewards (and the new map) in action.


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Lately, all I’ve been playing in Apex is Arenas. This looks good. Hopefully they start ironing out some of the server issues. This season has been buns as far as the technical side of things are concerned.