Diablo III kicks off Season 24 with a throwback to its predecessor’s Ethereal Weapons

Son armas para usar para herir.

This is probably not going to come as an enormous shock to anyone, but the team behind Diablo III also would like you to check out the re-release of Diablo II that’s coming in September. This is part of the reason the main theme of the upcoming Season 24 starting on July 23rd will feature Ethereal Weapons, a specific throwback reward that can be used only on seasonal characters and will allow players a new sort of power when they’re randomly received.

There are three unique Ethereal Weapons for each class (that means 21 in total, for those whose math es no bueno). Each one gets a random Legendary Power and Class Power when dropped, with the items in question being account-bound just in case you want to shuffle around who receives the weapon in question. Check out the full rundown for the returning seasonal rewards and more details on these special throwback items.

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