EVE Online has added an early test version of its Opportunities system for new characters

Big ego.

One of the most basic problems of starting new in EVE Online is simply dealing with the fact that there’s a whole lot to do and the path from “finding out what you can do” to “figuring out how to do that reliably” isn’t always clear. That’s the goal of the Opportunities system, then: Give players a clear path of things to do so they can move from the stage of “what do I do now” to understanding and approaching the gameplay loop reliably.

The current version in the game is reserved just for new characters, as it’s meant to be a test run for players who are inexperienced with the game and learning what they can do for the first time. Feedback and data from this particular iteration will be used to expand and improve the system moving forward. So if you’ve tried EVE before but found yourself unsure of what to do once you moved past the initial tutorials, maybe now’s a time to give it another shot.


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