KingsIsle actually updated Pirate101 with new content after a period in maintenance mode

Meanwhile, Wizard101 begins testing a summer patch of its own


Wizard101 and Pirate101 have had quite a year in 2021 already, what with KingsIsle being bought out by Gamigo’s parent company and all. Not only did the new owners promise that KingsIsle would continue to update Wizard101which it did – but they also hinted that Pirate101 might get some love, after quite a dry spell for the title when it was basically in maintenance mode.

And now, some love is exactly what’s happened. The latest Pirate101 newsletter touts the release of a new patch with the level 70 Sinbad Adventure.

“KingsIsle is excited to give some attention to Pirate,” the studio wrote. “We aim to use a subset of the Wizard team for any opportunity we can without impacting Wizard’s release schedule. We are still looking into doing some larger updates, but this will take more resources and time than we have currently. We’ll keep you in the loop on progress with that, but for now, please enjoy Sinbad’s new adventure and a slightly shinier and cleaner Spiral!”

Fans should also check out the Wizard101 newsletter, which brings word of a new patch on the test server that adds quality-of-life improvements, new socialization features that enhance what was added this past spring, PvP balance changes, and new quests.

Source: Wiz101, Pirate101

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I hope they keep adding content, and that this isn’t a one-off thing. But I’m going to have to wait to resubscribe. And I’d have to resubscribe to experience the new content, due to how their Free to Play model affects access to high level areas. It’s cheaper to sub than to buy a “key” for every single world. :(

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Time to play it again, i did that once for a short time, a charming game.