PSA: Final Fantasy XIV is hosting another two week-long free login campaign for lapsed accounts


If a lot of the recent buzz around Final Fantasy XIV has you itchy to return to Eorzea but you don’t have the money for a subscription right now, then today is the start of your next lucky two weeks as the game has once again started a free login campaign, allowing lapsed players a golden ticket to their account.

This isn’t the first time the game has done this, and the process is generally unchanged: The offer is open for those who have already purchased the game and set up a service account, and that service account must have been inactive for at least 30 days. If those boxes are ticked, it’s a simple matter of launching the game client and logging in as normal, And of course, those who are able to pick their sub up again can do so from the Mog Station. The free login campaign runs between now and Friday, July 23rd.


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Toy Clown

This worked out beautifully timing-wise. I was considering resubbing but was waiting until my bills were clear for the month. I get to hop in now!

Danny Smith

You know the people on Cactuar are just going “please.. no more, we are full!” seeing this in their feeds.

My recommendation is hold off for a while as your free 14 starts the moment you login. If you leave it till a bit into the campaign you can hit a lot more seasonal events and maybe even the returning FFXV event for the 4 player car mount.

Jeremy Barnes

They’re striking while the iron is hot. It makes sense.

The FFXV collab for the car mount will be back in September. I don’t think you can stretch it that long ;)


I’ve been in the mood to get back into FFXIV. Guess this is it. :)


Lapping up the remaining WoW 9.1 players.

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Patreon Donor

Ooh, my sub just expired a few days ago. :D Oh well, I’m giving my clams to WoW this month, but August can be FFXIV time again. I’m very impressed with how generous Squeenix is with FFXIV generally. They gave me 15 days free time when my first character hit level 30. I was flabbergasted!