Magic Legends introduces three-color deck features and ramps up currency earnings


Even though Magic Legends is shuttering, the devs at Cryptic are still apparently going to try new things with the ARPG. For instance, the latest update has introduced a way for players to put together three-color decks, provided they have unlocked two-color decks and a rank 2+ Aetheric Core. If players have met those requisites, the project can be unlocked for 100 Gold.

Speaking of Gold, currency earnings are also seeing a boosting with this patch: Gold, Planar Mana, and XP earnings are increased by 1.5 times, and Unrefined Aether, battle pass XP, Chromatic Mana, and Eternal Echoes earnings are increased by double. This, of course, doesn’t mean that the game is getting a fresh lease on life, as it will still be shutting down on October 31st and refunds have already begun. In the meantime, there’s at least a little something new to experience.

source: official site. Cheers, Marvin.
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