MMO Week in Review: The week when we got two new launched MMORPGs


I joked on Twitter that it’s not every week when we get to graduate a Kickstarter MMORPG to launch, but it’s also not every week when we have not one but two major MMORPGs launching, and that’s exactly where we are right now with the launch of Crowfall and Swords of Legends Online – the former of which has been long-awaited since its crowdfunding in 2015 and the latter of which has been on western players’ radars only since this past spring. While nobody quite knows where these two games will end up in the genre hierarchy, we’re just glad to get some new blood.

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ishikawa ren

People seems to prefer SOLO over Crowfall atm, lets see how the population of these 2 goes when Lost Ark and New World or even Corepunk comes out


Saying people prefer SOLO over Crowfall is an inherently flawed comparison because the games have virtually nothing in common beyond they’re MMO games. The appeal of a game like Crowfall is it offers primarily PvP content and territory conquest (IE: PvP content and objectives) backed by a crafting system (all gear is crafted) and varying levels of risk-reward across multiple PvP game modes.

A brief 5 minute googling of SOLO shows there’s a few PvP arenas and that’s about it. This isn’t content or game play that will appeal to the kind of players that will want to play a game like Crowfall. That doesn’t mean other people will like it, obviously. The same is really true for New World and Lost Ark both of which are primarily built around more arena combat. New World does have some territory mechanics, but those are basically just bigger arena battles with little to no consequence (who owns a town doesn’t really matter).

What’s going to kill Crowfall is…Crowfall. They’ve made just so many bad design decisions for their PvP game and their extremely small studio likely won’t address them in time before they frustrate their own player base out of the game.


Another bad sign for the genre when Crowfall is now considered a major MMO.

Bruno Brito

Wouldn’t 35million count as major funding for a MMO?