A3 Still Alive’s latest update adds new content, paid content-skipping, and server merge prep


Fans of Netmarble’s mobile MMO A3: Still Alive have two major updates to focus their attention on this week. First, there’s a slew of new content in the game, including a new PvP mode, level cap increase to 180, and transfer tickets for what are apparently upcoming server merges.

“This month’s update introduces a handful of new regions and activities for players to experience,” the studio says. “These include Lesca, ‘The Frozen Fortress City’, the Serrod Ice Cliff Equipment Dungeon, and a new world boss – the Starving Kudrak. Pre-seasons for the Tower of Greed, a new PvP mode where players must fight for keys by defeating monsters and other players, in order to continually climb the tower, officially begins today as part of today’s update.”

But second, Netmarble has added what it’s calling a “Fast-Pass system” that essentially allows players to buy a pass to skip past the main quests in different regions, scooping up levels and quest loot without actually having to play through those questlines. It’s a bit like advanced characters in other games.


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Pay to skip game’s content? Brilliant idea. Next level of awesomeness: pay to not play the game at all. Hurry up to pass on playing A3: Still Alive for free while you can ;)