Ashes of Creation lifts NDA for last weekend’s test, resulting in a slew of new gameplay footage


As if this past week wasn’t crazy enough, Ashes of Creation was running an Alpha One preview weekend to drum up some interest from content-starved MMO players. It was clearly a promotional effort because Intrepid Studios lifted the NDA – probably for good, we’re told – and made suggestive head nods to YouTubers to, you know, check it out. Maybe post a little something something on their channels.

“For longtime fans, the non-NDA Alpha One preview weekend is a golden opportunity to see the game in its present state of development without any filters applied,” Intrepid sent out in a press release. “Testers will be able to showcase Ashes of Creation completely unfettered throughout the entire event and developers are excited to share their hard work with the world.”

We’ve compiled a few of these gameplay streams for you to check out below!

Source: Press release. This piece was updated after publication to clarify that the NDA is most likely down for good, not just briefly!

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Matthew Yetter

I’m really impressed by how good it looks and how far along it is for being in the earliest Alpha phase. The fact that they temporarily lifted the NDA shows their level of confidence in what they’re doing as well. The genuinely believe in their product and want the world to know it’s not vaporware.


I’m looking forward to it but …gotta admit honestly here in alpha it looks pretty WoW-cloney to me? Not that’s entirely bad but I was (probably unrealistically) expecting something that would really be different.

THAT SAID, I recognize that much of the appeal of AoC (as I understand it) is going to be in the node system and dynamic world generation which isn’t really something that’s necessarily on display here nor even something you can get from a 5min twitch stream.

Still very interested even if mechanically it DOES feel wow-ish, because at least it’s new.

Blind Hype

So excited for this game & this community. The Ashes of Creation community has some of the genuinely nicest people I’ve ever interacted with. Steven & all of the people hard at work at Intrepid Studios are so passionate about this game & it’s really infectious.