Blade and Soul tosses free level 60 character boosts your way


Blade and Soul is gearing up for a big week as it prepares to roll out its Endless Night content patch on July 14th. The centerpiece of this update is a third specialization for the Warlock class, offering players the ability to adopt a Reaver stance and swing an oh-so-practical scythe around the battlefield.

But that’s only the icing on the deliciously moist cake of this patch. As you bite into it (we may be hangry right now), you’ll find a whole bunch of events that are kicking off during this summer season, starting with a free character boost to level 60. All you have to do is log in sometime between July 14th and August 11th to grab this voucher, which can then be used on any character you like.

The MMO is also offering free Reaver support packages during this same period, a Horde & Gourd event, the Raider’s Fortune event, and a Summer of Enchantment promotion.


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