Final Fantasy XIV contends with full servers and wait lists for its digital version

Carry that water.

It’s possible you’re tired of hearing about Final Fantasy XIV, but the influx of players the game seems to be getting is pretty notable. As of yesterday, players were reporting that nearly every server in the game was being closed to the creation of new characters due to an influx of players. That doesn’t appear to still be the case as of this writing on Monday morning, as you can see in the pic we snapped ourselves, but the digital edition of the game is still reading as being on a waiting list on the official Square-Enix store.

So what’s the deal? Well, it seems like more and more people are trying the game out, making characters, and logging in, as we’ve already been covering. The game’s Steam charts continue to go up, with an influx of new players via that platform as well (although it’s important to note as before that Steam is not the primary platform for the game). It’s hard to point to one particular cause, though we’re guessing it has a lot to do with poor reception to rival games, popular streamers, and the Endwalker benchmark and weekend stream. And, uh, it’s a good MMO – did we mention it won our MMO of the year in 2020? Either way, hype for the next expansion and the game in general is not abating just yet.

A screenshot of the Final Fantasy XIV server status page as of Monday Morning, 10:00 a.m. EDT.
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