Riders of Icarus celebrates five years with an event, giveaways, items, and sales

Sure, this is above the ground, but you get the general idea, right?

Surprise! It’s the fifth anniversary of mount-centric MMORPG Riders of Icarus and the game is celebrating the occasion with a whole lot of free stuff and some stuff that can be bought. Because, you know, free-to-play games.

The main attraction is a special event where players can trade Anniversary Cakes for a variety of goodies like boost items, mounts, and pets. There’s also several quests that hearken back to the game’s first mount, first dungeon, and a host of other activities that take players around the game’s world. There’s also lots of login rewards waiting to be snatched up as well.

In terms of sales, there’s some new outfits, familiars, and mounts on offer, along with new lockboxes (blech) on offer and some daily deal sale items that are being offered until July 13th.

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