RuneScape’s latest update applies a quality-of-life Ninja Strike to various combat matters


Fights happen in RuneScape. It’s just the way of things. As of this week’s patch, fighting in the MMORPG is getting some likely helpful quality-of-life updates and new adjustments thanks to the latest Ninja Strike.

The new patch adds several new boss fight features including a boss instance timer, a display under a boss’ health bar that shows the current phase number and enrage percentage, and a display that shows how well players have improved from their previous best kill time if they achieve a new personal best. The update has also introduced the Cease ability, which pauses actions, cancels attacks or channeled abilities, and puts a hold on familiar auto-attacks for six seconds. On top of that, the ability to customize how perks are viewed on equipment has been added, Scrimshaws of the same type and tier can be combined, and weapon tooltips now display attack range.

As for the rest of RuneScape’s weekly newsletter, there’s word of the returning Beach event and Elder God War and a peek at some new cocktails that are part of the Treasure Hunter Promotion that starts tomorrow.

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