Guild Wars 2 adds legendary armory and Twisted Marionette boss today, picks up Homeland actress for End of Dragons

Plus: A Crack in the Ice is this week's free living world episode


Guild Wars 2 is about to have a pretty big day, what with the launch of both the legendary armory and the return of the Twisted Marionette in this afternoon’s update.

The legendary armory, of course, essentially turns legendary items into account-centered rather than character-centered items, allowing players to put these legendaries on all of their toons. The Twisted Marionette, meanwhile, is a long-decommissioned boss from the days of Scarlet Briar, now returned for endgame play with a batch of new achievements and a week of launch events too.

“The Twisted Marionette battle is now available via the Scrying Pool in the Eye of the North! Gather your allies – and your courage – to face the updated encounter; without a large and coordinated team, you’ll be hopelessly outmatched. The Twisted Marionette battle can be entered at any time by an organized squad of up to 50 players.”

A Crack in the Ice has returned as a freebie for players today as well; it’s the third episode of living world season three and home to the Bitterfrost Frontier, one of the most useful farming zones ever added in the living world content. Players need only log in and collect the freebie, regardless of whether they’ve purchased the game’s expansion pack.

In other Guild Wars 2 news, ArenaNet has continued teasing voice actors for End of Dragons; this week, it’s Sarah Sokolovic, who’s probably best known for her TV roles in Homeland and Big Little Lies.

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