Multiplayer survival shooter Vigor brings back classic cosmetics with its first Legacy season


Developer Bohemia Interactive is bringing back some classics in the multiplayer shooter Vigor with the launch of a so-called Legacy season, which progresses parallel to regular seasons, though players have to own a premium pass for the respective season in order to progress it. This first Legacy season brings back cosmetics from the game’s very first season, Preppers, granting players on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation access to goodies that only Xbox players had access to.

In addition, the update has introduced a Thank You Charity Pack that players can purchase to receive three unique facemask cosmetics. All proceeds from the purchase of this pack will go to the University Hospital in Brno to help them purchase plasma disinfectors, which help stop the spread of dangerous viruses like COVID-19. All of the goodies in the charity pack and the new season are on display in the trailer below.

source: press release

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Looked neato, but seems to be a console exclusive (no PC release) and there’s no way to avoid PvP as best I can tell. Bummer.

I feel like I somehow completely missed this game and it’s the first time I’m hearing about it, must have glossed over/forgotten about it since it wasn’t on a platform I’m interested in (I can’t do shooters with a gamepad, my poor thumbs can’t hack it). If it ever does come to PC and has a PvE mode, I’m totes down tho.

Jon Wax

Pve would be pointless. You drop into a limited time map and scav. That’s it. If you don’t engage any opposition, there’s no other reason to play. You’re scavving stuff you will never need to use.

It lasted about a weekend. Yawnfest