Black Desert sets Atoraxxion launch for July 21 as console counts 3M players


I’m sorry to report that Cursed, the Netflix TV show that Black Desert collaborated with on a whole patch last year, has been canceled. This isn’t exactly Defiance levels of transmedia synergy sadness, but hey, this thing was up for a Golden Yachtie last year, so it’s a bummer to follow it up with bad news.

So let’s get back to good news: Atoraxxion is on deck to launch for both PC and console on July 21st. As we’ve previously noted, Atoraxxion is the game’s first 5-person co-op dungeon with its own storyline aimed at level 57+ toons.

The PC patch today is a meaty one, touching on class changes for the Corsair, methods for gathering Mass of Pure Magic, the new Black Shadow field boss, world boss loot, Caphras Stones drop rates, and gobs more.

Over on the console side of the game, this week’s update includes several balance tweaks for the Corsair and the addition of Afuaru to the summer season server.

“[T]he cooldown of Smooth Sailin’ was disrupting the natural fluidity of these movements, so we decided to make Smooth Sailin’ usable during cooldown in order to improve fluidity and make the skill more dynamic,” Pearl Abyss writes. “We also felt Mermaid skills were weak when it came to combos. So, we made changes to allow smoother comboing with other skills and also adjusted attack range to make them easier to perform.”

Finally, Executive Producer Jae-Hee Kim posted a brief video celebrating two years since crossplay and 3M console players to date, which adds a little bit of context to the numbers PA was talking up last week.

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