Blade & Soul hands scythe weapons to Warlocks and adds new events in today’s Endless Night update

Tape. Lots of tape.

Demons attacking a village, people swinging scythes, an update subtitled Endless Night: It all sounds like Blade and Soul is desperate to celebrate Halloween early. We’re not complaining, though, as the MMORPG’s newest update has plenty of spooky-sounding delights for players to revel in.

The update’s tentpole feature is the new Way of the Reaver spec for Warlocks that has these already edgy characters use a huge scythe weapon for maximum edgelord. The majority of the new patch’s content is tied to a variety of events, like the Horde and Gourd event where players can earn Enchanted Tickets by protecting Kaebi Village from a demonic assault and spending those tickets on rewards or Treasure Draws, along with several free giveaway events like a free level 60 boost, a free Reaver Reinforcement Package, and a free Reaver Support Package. All of these events are running until August 11th.

There are a couple of smaller adjustments included in the patch, with the reversion of one channel for the Primeweald dungeon and the introduction of new Hongmoon Gilded Heptagonal Gems. The patch notes provide the relevant details.

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