Fiesta Online plans to release its Realm of the Gods expansion on July 28

Fight deities.

Ready to climb up to the top of power and fight some deities? Fiesta Online is counting on exactly that with its upcoming Realm of the Gods update, which is arriving on July 28th for fans of the game. And it’s a pretty big one, with players gaining another five levels of power along with new prestige skills as they explore the three new realms (Teva, Apoline, and Cypian) along with taking on new quests and dynamic challenges.

The update will also feature some new technical improvements according to a recent Q&A with producer Wes Conner, who explains that the game was originally developed in 2006 with tools that are now more than a little outdated. Back-end technical improvements will hopefully allow for more dynamic content and more improvements moving forward; for now, players can look forward to the expansion soon, and if they’re so inclined they can buy a pack of cosmetics to celebrate.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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Nice to see the game getting updates still. Was the first MMO I ran dungeons with other people.

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I honestly didn’t think this was still running! Glad to hear they still are.