Old School RuneScape makes several Slayer improvements and talks about bug abuse


This week in Old School RuneScape, Slayers are seeing a lot of love with the introduction of Poll 75 improvements for the skill line. These improvements include refreshed Slayer helmet visuals, the option to store Slayer tasks for later with an unlocked feature that coasts 1,000 Slayer Points, and a host of Slayer-related task adjustments. The update post also points out changes to the game’s TOS and other news bits.

On the subject of other OSRS news bits, the devs at Jagex offered a message this past Friday regarding discussion surrounding recent bug abuse bans against a RuneScape content creator and their associate. The message explains that the activity of this player were “inspired, but their actions – not shown in their content – negatively impact the wider community and game health.” The post further explains the studio’s overall attitude to bugs and account banning, noting that they have metrics for what constitutes an amusing bug versus a game-breaking one and reminding fans about actions that can be taken for performing the latter.

source: official site (1, 2)

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