Red Dead Online brings on fresh criminal activities with the launch of the Blood Money update


We were pretty sure there were plenty of unsavory criminal acts to be had in Red Dead Online, but with yesterday’s Blood Money update, there’s even more crime to be had and a greater reason to commit more crime. Basically, it’s a good day to be a baddie in this game’s version of the American West.

As we noted earlier this month, Blood Money is all about performing Crimes for members of the associates of mob boss Angelo Bronte in the pursuit of Capitale, a rare currency drop that opens up Opportunities — aka larger heist missions — when enough of the currency is gathered up. The update also brought in a Quick Draw Club mini battle-pass scheme that offers up 25 ranks of goodies in consecutive monthly installments, while select items from previous Outlaw Passes are available for purchase.

Initial reactions on Reddit and Twitter appear to be leaning towards the negative side, with many players bemoaning the poor drop rate of Capitale, underwhelming missions, and unsatisfying rewards even when completing the larger Opportunities. Players were also experiencing a variety of bugs as well.

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