VR MMO Zenith showcases zipline traversal in latest video snippet


What’s a great way to get around in a forest? Flight? Walking on giant suspended bridges? How about ziplining from one place to another? That’s just what players are going to do in the developing VR MMO Zenith according to a newly released video demonstration.

This short clip is pretty self-explanatory, as it shows a player riding an air vent to a summit and then gripping on to a zipline handle to dash their way across a forest location. The clip joins other recent preview videos being posted by the devs of Ramen VR, which otherwise showcased physically waving to NPCs to open dialogue and using updrafts to glide through a series of rings.

Assuming the game doesn’t run in to another delay, Zenith’s alpha test is set to kick off on Saturday, July 24th. When, presumably, you’ll be able to ride ziplines.

source: YouTube

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Ardra Diva

since motion sickness is probably the most serious and final way to turn someone off to VR, and since our visors are still not all 4K @ 120Hz, i basically want to punch developers who create these types of ‘rollercoaster ride’ experiences in VR at this point. There will be people who might have otherwise been fans of VR get motion sickness from something of this nature, and that’s a bloody shame.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


virtual reality is often disappointing.gif

They have my sympathy.


Great! Now whenever I get a chance to finally play this game, I’m going to have to install a handle grip on my ceiling to hang from for more immersion. :)