Elite Dangerous deploys a fix to weapons engineering in an effort to alleviate material grinds


The materials required to engineer weapons in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey are pretty high right now, all things considered. With a recent small patch applied to the game, Frontier Developments appears to be trying to address this issue, while the patch announcement itself has kicked off a discussion about material grinds in the expansion.

The patch’s contents are pretty small: Weapon engineering recipe numbers have been corrected, and ingredients not needed in certain recipes were removed. These issues affected the accuracy, headshot damage, and weapon range modifications of various weapons. The idea, according to a dev reply in the thread, is to alleviate concerns about material needs by listing the ingredients correctly. As for specific balance changes for the affected mods, another reply suggests that the changes would be too long to itemize, since they affect various modifications of various weapons across all manufacturers.

The thread started off several feedback posts from players, many of whom are asking that material requirements for engineering as well as suit and weapon upgrading be reduced significantly, while other players are asking that weapon engineering mods be removable and swappable; adding new mods to the same type of weapon requires the purchase of a separate weapon and a whole new material grind.


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