Grand Theft Auto Online is bringing the Los Santos Tuners update on July 20


Do you have a customized, tricked-out vehicle just made for gracing the streets in Grand Theft Auto Online? Then the Los Santos Tuners update is made just for you. Not only will the update see you starting out with the new Los Santos Car Meet where you get to show off your custom-made ride, it’ll also encourage you to take part in new races against fellow enthusiasts who like cars that sound loud and go fast. No gunplay, just racing cars really quickly in illegal street races.

Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to raise your reputation and pick up some quick contracts with the aid of your customized vehicle as you spend more time racing. For that matter, you’ll also be able to unlock new customization options for your car, and you’ll have the opportunity to drive around in some brand-new cars as well. Check out the full preview ahead of the patch releasing on July 20th; it should be fun for the family.

Wait, was that too on the nose for the reference?


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