Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offers up more details and video footage of the new Monk class


Developer Visionary Realms is really excited to showcase the Monk class that’s being added to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Hot on the heels of an in-depth gameplay breakdown video, the devs have put out some supplemental details on the class.

For those who like a bit of lore sprinkled in with their class information, the class’ details page has been added to the game’s website, offering a briefing on the Monk’s abilities and background. For those who prefer a more technical look at the Monk without having to sit through an hour-long broadcast, there’s also a new video that showcases the Monk’s skills and even offers up each ability’s tooltip. You can get your fill of dummy punching action after the cut.


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I hope this game will eventually release but at this pace chances are slim and runs the risk it will be too outdated to get some traction

Kickstarter Donor

I feel like they’ve been highlighting the Monk class—and only the Monk class—for years now.

Jo Watt

You know I had the same thought… I swear I’ve seen mention of the ‘New’ Monk class several times now.

And tbh… It took me a bit into the video to realize they were showing abilities and not just the Monk punching a dummy constantly.


Yeah, there was an article on MOP just like a week ago about the monk. And (IMO) it wasn’t exciting then either. I’m just glad someone else thought it was just punching crap.