City of Titans is crushing its sound and music design


Although City of Titans is lagging far behind where it should be in development (and release) by now, given that it was Kickstarted in 2013, there are some signs of life in this superhero MMORPG project. Not only is flight coming very soon to the game build, but a lot of work has been poured into the aural landscape of this world.

In a new dev blog, the team shared how Composer Tal Kilger is hand-crafting themes for encounters with each of the MMO’s enemy factions.

“Tal has also prepared tracks for various factions that players will encounter during missions and at locations where these factions are known to reside,” Missing Worlds Media said. “Unlike the earlier tracks which were designed to be fairly relaxed, ambient music, these tracks were made to build conflict and energy as a foe approaches. The distinctive character of each faction is meant to be anticipated in the music.”

Additionally, the team posted a sound test for one of the game’s regions to give you an idea of how the ambient noises will add to the sense of immersion and realism:


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They’re proud of something that sounds like a toilet constantly flushing?

Dug From The Earth

I feel like the devs of this game need to jump onto the rogue servers (they know which) and spend a good solid 10+ hours playing so they can remember first hand what it is they are taking their inspiration from. Specifically just the feel of moving your character around the game world, combat, responsiveness, and combat.

Im not saying to copy/paste stuff… but its like remembering Disney Land 20 years later and making a bouncy house with bubbles and saying “Nailed it!”

A good example. Final Fantasy 14.

The devs were told to go play WoW when they went to remake the game after its failed launch. Not because they were trying to carbon copy WoW, but because WoW gets a lot of things right. The responsiveness of combat, for example. Apart from it being a theme part mmo, no one looks at FF14 and thinks “WoW clone” despite the devs being told to go play WoW to “learn” from it.


Yeah. Still needs work. The waterfall sound sounds like someone took a recording of the shower running in the bathroom, and they use the same sound for each even though the last one is 4x the size of the first two. It should be much deeper. Go find a YouTube video of the sluice gates open on a big dam and you’ll hear what it should sound like. It’s not that hard.

Visuals are pretty junior level.

All in all looks like this game is being put together by a bunch of amateur hobbyists in their off time.

This video didn’t do them any favors. I’d recommend they just keep it under wraps until it’s closer to a finished product.

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Peregrine Falcon

I sure hope this game launches before I die in 2030.

Does not check email

We have you down for 2080.


Great to hear they’re focusing on it.
Sound design is really important to setting and atmosphere, and it’s so often overlooked (although much less so than years ago).