City of Titans is crushing its sound and music design


Although City of Titans is lagging far behind where it should be in development (and release) by now, given that it was Kickstarted in 2013, there are some signs of life in this superhero MMORPG project. Not only is flight coming very soon to the game build, but a lot of work has been poured into the aural landscape of this world.

In a new dev blog, the team shared how Composer Tal Kilger is hand-crafting themes for encounters with each of the MMO’s enemy factions.

“Tal has also prepared tracks for various factions that players will encounter during missions and at locations where these factions are known to reside,” Missing Worlds Media said. “Unlike the earlier tracks which were designed to be fairly relaxed, ambient music, these tracks were made to build conflict and energy as a foe approaches. The distinctive character of each faction is meant to be anticipated in the music.”

Additionally, the team posted a sound test for one of the game’s regions to give you an idea of how the ambient noises will add to the sense of immersion and realism:

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