DC Universe Online’s latest patch sells a new $10 bundle and beefs up World of Flashpoint

So super.

A small-but-not-insignificant patch arrived yesterday for the bold heroes of DC Universe Online. Game Update 115 brought back a $10 booster bundle in the marketplace that includes replay badges, a metal detector, artifact XP, a radar enhancer, a repair bot, and a bonus reward box with a random cosmetic feature.

It’s not just blatant sales for this patch, either. GU115 adds more feats for the World of Flashpoint and a new weekly mission in the same. Players also got a small quality-of-life upgrade for item tooltips, which now show “unclamped stats” to help determine if that gear needs to be improved or replaced.

Far more substantial content for DCUO is on the horizon, as a “non-traditional episode” is coming in August with a raft of feature and system improvements.


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